Thomas de M. M-P photos

The following 5 photos are some of the numerous ones of 'Tom' M-P from his step-mother's and father's albums.1) The first is of 'Tom' with his younger brother Morres.

The next photo is also in the John Oxley Library, Brisbane mislabelled 'J. Murray-Prior' and dated 1878.

Thomas de M. M-P.2)

The following photo, when he was much older, illustrates his Wikipedia entry: upload.wikimedia.org_wikipedia_commons_thumb_f_f8_thomas_de_montmorency_murray-prior.jpg_220px-thomas_de_montmorency_murray-prior.jpg

The next is a large framed photo, unfortunately very faded, apparently taken at the same time as the Wikione above.3)

Provenance: J. Godden.
Provenance: Jill Fleming
Provenance: from Geoffrey M-P to Tom A. M-P.
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