Miscellaneous Properties

From the number of properties, it would appear that TLM-P attempted to provide rural properties to any of his sons who wished to live on the land and, in Lizzie's case, to buy into a property with a son-in-law for the same reason.

See John and Lizzie Jardine.

There are records re this property in TLM-P's papers at the State Library of NSW. See:

MLMSS 3117/Box 8: includes Ledger and accounts for Tununbah Station, 1867-1868 and cattle and horse records of Tununbah Station, 1867-1868.

MLMSS 3117/Box 9: Ledger and accounts for Tununbah Station, 1865 and cattle and horse records Tununbah Station, 1865-1866

MLMSS 3117/Box 10/Item 1: Ledger and accounts for Tununbah Station ca. 1883.

This was possibly Bulliwallah Station associated with Thomas de M. Murray-Prior. It was near Charters Towers. In 1885, 'Mr Murray-Prior' of that station had a saddle stolen by a 'bushranger'.1) Or was it a property at Bulli Creek neat Toowoomba? On 5 May 1885, the Sandgate Municipal Council reported a good humoured letter by T de M. Murray-Prior 'of Bulli Creek' re whether Herefords or Shorthorns were the best breed of cattle, that he proposed to settle at the next Charters Towers show.2)

According to Fox, Moorlands was a 40,000 acre property which was owned by 'the Messrs. Murray-Prior' and sold 'without stock and only partially improved' to the Moffatt brothers in 1892, the year TLM-P died.3) It is located in central-west Queensland, in the Blackall-Tambo_Region.

This photo is of the property in 20204) When TLM-P completed a genealogical questionnaire for inclusion in Burke's Colonial Gentry in c.1888, he gave Moorlands as the address of his son Egerton.5)

TLM-P also owned Moonbago Station, South Kennedy, Bully Creek. His grandson, Thomas Bertram M-P, was born there in 1883.6)

TLM-P's granddaughter was born at Ipswich in 1881, possibly on this station which is described as “Pullen, Moreton, Ipswich” and owned, in 1880 at least, by TLM-P.7)

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'Questions to be answered by T.L.M-P’, 6pp Memoranda by the Herald Office, Somerset House, London re Burke’s Colonial Gentry
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