Ireland, 17th to 19th centuries

The Irish connection started with Captain Thomas Prior (initially his name was spelt Pryor, but by the time he died, it was Prior. For the sake of clarity, we’ll use Prior) being granted land in Queen's County (now County Laois). Laois is inland, south-west of Dublin: on the below map it is light blue. The photo shows an idyllic view of County Laois1)- the Priors/Murray-Priors saw more turbulent times there, with Tom Prior making a significant contribution to Irish prosperity - as well creating the M-P family. While other branches of the family prospered, the Priors eventually lost their estates.

i.pinimg.com_originals_a0_e8_7a_a0e87ab26fda1c4d3f5c70f6a5e35e54.jpg www.from-ireland.net_cms_wp-content_uploads_2013_03_rock-of-dumamase-view-laois.jpg

The following summarises the three generations of Priors who lived in Ireland: click on the name for more about that person.

Captain Thomas Prior (1616 - 17 March 1690 or 1691)2). m. Elizabeth Fairfax

Colonel Thomas Prior (d. 1700) m. ?
Richard Prior (d. 1736) Single, no children

Teddy Fennelly, Thomas Prior. His Life, Times and Legacy, Ireland: Arderin Publishing, 2001, pp.81 gives his date of death as 17 March 1691; the birth date and 1690 date of death is from Patrick Prior's family tree.
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