Family Burial Site, Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane

Photos of the family burial site at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane, Portion 13 Section 72 (with Morres in section 75). T.A. & M.T. M-P ensured that the burial plot, which had fallen into disrepair, was renovated.


The next two photos shows Matilda's memorial.
Grave inscriptions:

Florence and Thomas M-P's memorial at Toowong Cemetery, Brisbane. They were originally buried next to each other in a private garden at Maroon.2) In 1920 they were reburied in the family plot at Toowong Cemetery.3) Only remnants of the original headstones remained to be used in the restoration.4) thomas_de_monmorenci.jpeg

Provenance for all photos: T.A. & M.T. M-P.
Fassifern Guardian, 28 November 1962
Patricia Clarke to T.A & M.T. M-P, 19 November 2001.
T.A & M.T. M-P, pers. comm.
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