Successful blended family

The evidence that Eliza created successfully created a loving blended family largely lies in the warm relationship between TLM-P and his step-sisters. This evidence includes:

  • most crucially, in 1846 Louisa lent TLM-P £400 and Jemima lent him £200 to help him acquire Bromelton in Queensland.1)
  • Louisa named her last home, 23 Fernlea Road, Balham, London after TLM-P's station, Maroon.2) Louisa moved into the London 'Maroon' by October 1892.3)
  • TLM-P's daughter Rosa Praed was named as executor to both Jemima and Louisa's estate, was present at Louisa’s death and a beneficiary of their estates.4)
  • There is a beautifully made photo album inscribed ‘The Hon[oura]ble Thomas Murray Prior from L.M Prior June 18th 1878’, that is from Louisa.
  • The next year, Jemima gave TLM-P another handsomely bound book, a large Family Bible. As the next photo shows, it was a present for TLM-P's 60th birthday. 5)
  • Seven years later, Jemima gave him a beautifully illustrated and boxed Book of Common Prayer. It has the inscription ‘Tho[ma]s L. Murray-Prior. The gift of his Sister Jemima. Southsea. 13 Nov[ember]r 1886’.6)
  • Louisa gave T. de M. M-P another Family Bible in April 1888, with the inscription (as shown) 'Blessed is he that hath the God of Jacob for his help - whose Hope is in the Lord His God.'
  • TLM-P also refers affectionately to Jemima and Louisa in his diaries - see TLM-P diaries.
  • In his will of 5 May 1892, TLM-P left his sister Louisa £100. In a codicil of 21 December 1892, he stated that she had recently given him £1000 sterling. He directed that the same amount be invested in a bank and the interest paid to Louisa; on her death it should be paid to his daughter Elizabeth Jardine.7)
  • On her death in 1899, Jemima Prior left TLM-P £1,000 (roughly around $163,698 in 2015 values) as well as her ‘music box’ and various items to TLM-P’s family.8) Given TLM-P had died seven years previously, it is not known where these items ended up.

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