Louisa Prior

These three photos are studio ones from TLM-P’s album, labelled ‘Aunt Louisa’ and 'Aunt Louisa M.P’. The second photo has the inscription on the back ‘For Morres[?] with Aunt Louisa's Love’. Judging from Louisa's large Crinoline, the photos were taken in the mid-nineteenth century.
Louisa was christened on 22 January 1817 by the Forces chaplain as well as two years later at Wells cathedral.1)
In 1863, Louisa lived at 18 Oxford Terrace, St Peters, Islington, London. In the 1890s, she lived with her sister Jemina at Howden Lodge, 14 Clarendon Road, Southsea.2)

Andrew Derbyshire
Andrew Darbyshire
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