Lodge Morres M-P

Lodge Morres M-P, b. 3 April 1797, was Thomas and Catherine M-P’s second son and TLM-P's uncle. He became a Captain in a cavalry regiment, the 12th_Royal_Lancers.1). He was baptised at Rathdowney, and later lived - and died - at 52 Brunswick Square, Brighton on 5 November 1868. He was buried in a churchyard at Hove, Brighton. TLM-P visited his uncle Lodge's grave there, describing it and that of Lodge's son, Herbert de Montmorency M-P.2)
Lodge married three times:
1. in 1819, to Anna Maria Brownrigg, the elder daughter of John Brownrigg of county Donegal, and the widow of Colonel Robins of 69th regiment who died in India. She died in 1834 at Hulme, Manchester and was buried there. They had children but no details were recorded by Burke.
2. In October 1836, Letitia Unett, the only daughter of John Wilkes Unett, a solicitor of Coventry and Birmingham, and Elizabeth. She died in Kensington, London in circa 1850. She too had an unspecified number of children.
3. Laura, daughter of Captain King R.N 'who for many years had the packet service at Penzance' and is believed to have died there. It was her second marriage; her first husband was army Captain Dalton of Yorkshire. She died at 14 Johnston Street, Bath on 13 March 1891, and was buried in Bath.3)

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