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 +**Andrew Redmond Murray Prior** (1786-1860) was Andrew Murray Prior’s younger son. He was appointed Accountant General of the Irish Post Office on 8 May 1809. On 17 March 1814, he married Catherine, daughter of Sir John Call of Cornwall and widow of Major-General [[wp>Henry_MacKinnon|]] who had been killed during one of the major battles of the Napoleonic Wars, the 1812 siege of [[wp>Ciudad Rodrigo]].\\
 +Andrew and Catherine had a son (John Lawrence M-P: for more see {{}}) and four daughters (Catherine, Fanny, Sophia and Emily). Andrew allegedly had an affair with Lady Sarah [[the_butler_family|Butler]] that resulted in an illegitimate child.\\
 +Other references: //Norfolk Cronicle//, 15 February 1806 [not seen; need to subscribe to see]; Burke's Landed Gentry p.1076.
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